I have worked with Jane over the past year and the service and support has gone way beyond what I was expecting.All deadlines have been met or bettered. Her input and passion for my work has been so valuable as an unpublished first time author with 13 rejections (so far!).

Jane is great!

Every author needs three things: a computer, a thesaurus, and Beaumont Hardy. I worked with Jane on my first major project. She was awesome! Very professional, very organized, and (most important) very thorough. She asks the right questions, and challenges you to flesh out the best author within. I was extremely pleased with my experience, and I'm sure you will too.

Tiffany Ashley
-author of "Love Script"

Beaumont Hardy is always dependable. The pitch letter Jane helped us write has been attracting a lot of new clients.We are entirely grateful for Beaumont Hardy's services. A well-written letter makes all the difference

-a satisfied repeat client, Illinois

Beaumont Hardy helped me with my homework.

- a kid, Florida

Beaumont Hardy writes our blog, and it's interesting and to-the-point. Good writing! Our blog views have increased significantly


Beaumont Hardy might cost a little more than other editing services, but the price is worth it.My cover letter is much tighter and more effective than it was before, but it still sounds just like me. I'll use Beaumont Hardy the next time I have to write an important letter.

- happy in the south

The best decision I made... was having Jane McAdams edit my manuscript prior to publishing my book! Jane is a very creative person, making suggestions on my manuscript, plus the front cover photo used on

Trails End: Stories From Yesteryear.

"It's An Easy Choice! Beaumont - Hardy Has The Experience, Plus They're Creative!"

-Author: Ken McCarty