I have worked for ten years as a freelance editor, refining and perfecting the fiction and non-fiction of hundreds of writers. I edit all genres and styles of writing for juvenile and adult audiences. I work with the Chicago Manual of Style, the Associated Press Stylebook, and with any project-specific style guides my clients ask me to use. Before becoming a freelance editor, I worked at a literary agency, where I read and edited the manuscripts of a number of our agency’s authors. My position required a keen grasp of exposition, story structure, textual organization, and grammar. It also required a familiarity with many fiction and non-fiction genres.

At the literary agency, I developed solid proofreading experience, honing my proofreading skills in the detailed editing of how-to books, recipe books, and factual compilations for non-fiction publishers. I acquired strong copyediting experience in more closely editing manuscripts for factual consistency, fluency, and wording. I applied these copyediting skills to the content editing work I also did at the agency. In-depth content edits often required shifting blocks of text from one place in the manuscript to another or guiding an author through major plot or theme changes.

As a freelance editor, I use my agency editing experience daily. Some projects need only minor proofreading, while others require more significant copyediting or detailed content editing.