Proofreading and Editing Fees

At Beaumont Hardy, I once charged an hourly rate for my freelance editing and proofreading services, but I have decided that a per-word rate is more straightforward and easier for clients to calculate on their own. This simplification of my fees lets clients know what to expect when they send me their work.

 For large projects, my per-word rates are as follows:

 $0.01               per word for proofreading

$0.0125           per word for copyediting

$0.015             per word for content editing

 These per-word rates correspond to my original hourly rate. Because of the levels of work required, proofreading a project takes less time than copyediting the same project. Similarly, copyediting that same project takes less time than it does to edit it for content.

 For small projects, I charge a minimum fee of $30. (Small projects are proofreading projects of fewer than 3,000 words, copyediting projects of fewer than 2,400 words and content editing projects of fewer than 2,000 words.)

 Please let me know the level of editing you would like me to do when you send me your manuscript.

Business Letter-Writing Fees

 Letter-writing often takes longer than proofreading or editing, so my fees for those services begin at $100. For particularly long projects, I calculate a fee based on the hours of work involved and present it to the client for approval before the start of the project.

 Ghostwriting Fees

 My fee for ghostwriting varies from project to project, but it generally hovers around $20 per final typewritten page. Please contact me about your particular ghostwriting project.


 I am happy to discuss the specifics of your particular project. For every project, I will quote you a fee and move ahead with the job once you have approved that fee.


I accept payment via PayPal.