Self-Publishing Services

The world of book publishing has undergone a significant shift in recent years, with more and more writers choosing to forgo an agent and bypass traditional book publishers in favor of self-publishing their work.

At Beaumont Hardy, I applaud the new popularity of self-publishing. Authors who self-publish shoulder a heavier burden than they would with a traditional publishing contract, in terms of marketing, promoting and selling their books. But self-publishing gives an author full creative control over every aspect of a written project. Authors can choose the content of their work, the layout of their text, and the cover design of their books. Most importantly, self-publishing allows an author to establish a direct relationship with the reader. Readers often feel very close to self-published authors, because the two can communicate directly with one another, without the intervention of an agent or book publisher.

But this relationship is only as strong as the text of the book itself. A self-published author whose work is filled with errors and misspellings can quickly lose readers. A good edit is indispensable to a self-published project, and an outside freelance proofreader or editor is just the person to polish the book before its first readers see it. No matter how skilled she or he might be, a writer is often too close to the text to identify the errors it might contain. When a self-published writer has worked on a project for a long time, he or she might glide over mistakes that a reader less familiar with the work would see.

Beaumont Hardy provides just the kind of final edit every self-published author needs. I proofread for spelling, punctuation and continuity errors. I also copyedit for errors in word choice and grammar. I can even do a full content edit, for those self-published writers who want their books as polished as possible before publication.

Beaumont Hardy celebrates the freedom of self-publishing with precise, affordable editing. My fees are competitive, in comparison to the fees of other self-publishing companies that offer editing services.

Treat your self-published book—and your potential reading audience—to your most professional work. Edit before you self-publish.