In addition to copyediting and content editing services, Beaumont Hardy Editing provides freelance proofreading services. Proofreading entails a more superficial reading of a manuscript than that required for content editing or copyediting. As a freelance proofreader, I look for and correct errors in spelling, pagination, and punctuation, often just before a manuscript is complete.

Short Story Proofreading

I proofread short stories to ensure proper spelling, punctuation, and formatting. At the proofreading stage, I no longer read short stories for plot or characterization. Instead, I see to it that a well-plotted short story is accurate down to its last details.

Picture Book Proofreading

Like short stories, picture books express big plots and important ideas succinctly. As in other areas of publication, the picture book market has become very competitive in the past few years. In my picture book proofreading, I look for accuracy of wording, spelling, and punctuation, ensuring that picture book authors submit their best work.

Novel Proofreading

As with all fiction, in general, novel proofreading involves the careful correction of superficial errors. In recent years, novel publication has become increasingly competitive, especially in some thriller and romance novel genres. Proper proofreading can often mean the difference between those novels that attract a publisher’s attention and those that do not. In each novel, I look for accuracy of wording, punctuation, and spelling.

Scholarly Text Proofreading

Proofreading scholarly documents and text means reading carefully for factual correctness and accuracy, checking pagination and bibliographic material as well. I proofread dissertations with a careful eye to the consistency of dates, geographical references, citations, and spelling.

Self-Help Proofreading

Proofreading self-help books requires careful attention to factual and grammatical detail. I proofread self-help books to ensure the correct spelling and consistent use of technical terms, as well as to check proper capitalization, punctuation, and style.

Autobiography and Biography Proofreading

I proofread both autobiographies and biographies in much the same way I proofread other non-fiction projects. I look for the consistent use of names and geographic locations, as well as spelling and punctuation.

Although I specialize in detailed content and copyediting at Beaumont Hardy Editing, I offer excellent freelance proofreading services to all my clients.