Copy Editing & Proofreading Services

Writing is a lonely endeavor. As you scribble away in your silent garret, a single candle burning at the corner of your desk, you may feel all alone in the world. You might wonder whether your writing really says what you want it to say, whether you’ve chosen the right words, or whether your plot and characters are as realistic as they can be.

A freelance editor is your friend in these moments of creative uncertainty. Good editing services provide content editing, copyediting, and proofreading assistance. A freelance content editor will suggest major changes and shift text when your writing isn’t as coherent or organized as it could be. A freelance copyeditor will improve readability and flow by correcting formatting problems and errors in wording or consistency. A freelance proofreader will catch all minor punctuation and spelling errors, polishing and perfecting your text.

At Beaumont Hardy Editing, I provide all of these editing and proofreading services for freelance writers, in-house writing professionals, and amateur wordsmiths. I edit as much or as little as my clients want, tailoring my editing to each individual project.

As the book submission and publication process becomes more competitive, a reliable freelance editor’s help is indispensable. A good editor remains unobtrusively in the background, altering an author’s work only as much as is necessary. A well-edited project retains no overt evidence of the freelance editor’s handiwork. At Beaumont Hardy Editing, the final edited product is always the author’s own words and ideas, subtly guided by the unseen hand of the editor.