About This Blog

Welcome to the Beaumont Hardy Editing blog. I have worked as a freelance content editor, copyeditor and proofreader for the past ten years, and I love the written word. I understand that authors often wonder exactly what Beaumont Hardy does or how I might examine and alter their work.

This blog attempts to answer common author questions by showing exactly how I work at Beaumont Hardy. I include various writing genres and show the types of editing marks and comments I make. As should be evident from my posts, I try to keep an author’s words and voice as untouched as possible, changing only enough to improve the text without altering the author’s own rhythm and ideas. I believe that a good editor remains quietly in the background.

The blog is ever-changing and ever-expanding, and I will continue to add new and different examples of my editing work. Feel free to comment on any of my postings, and let me know if there are other genres you might like to see.

Thank you for visiting.

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